Beef curry

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Let's continue with doing some very easy Indian food, something that is maybe not the real thing but comes pretty close. Not all of us live in urban areas where one can find all the ingredients needed to do a proper curry or anything the traditional way, so sometimes one has no choice than to take a short cut and do something the fast way.


2 Kg Beef Topside, Cubes
50 G Tumeric
1 Kg Onions
50 G Garlic Paste
50 G Ginger Paste
50 G Green Chili
100 G Coriander
100 G Cashew Nuts, chopped
50 G Tomato Paste
2 Ea Bay Leaf
Cardamom whole
Cardamom powder
Coriander Powder
100 Ml Cream
50 Ml Oil Salt


Step 1:

Pre boil Beef cubes with whole spices

Strain and keep the stock

Step 2:

Slice onions and cook them gently with oil till they are soft and pasty, add in powdered spices

Step 3:

Saute beef cubes with garlic, ginger, tomato paste and chili.

Step 4:

Add some beef stock and finely chopped cashew nuts

Add the onion paste

Step 5:

Simmer till the meat is tender and the sauce has a thick consistency

Step 6:

Garnish with toasted almonds, chili and chopped coriander

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Posted the 23/04/2014, 21:23

Very good dish to my family

i cooked this recipe
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